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Welcome! My specialty and entire focus of my practice is on marriage and relationship counseling and education. I help couples with information, tools, skills and coaching to build more of what they both want in their marriage or relationship.

The Secure Client Workspace:
If you are NOT currently a client, PLEASE CONTACT ME for an appointment BEFORE creating your login.

If you HAVE your 1st appointment scheduled, please REGISTER by clicking the icon at the top of the page as soon as possible to access the Secure Client Workspace. As a couple, EACH of you must register and set up your OWN Workspace. This part of my website meets or exceeds the same standard of encryption used to protect medical records.

If you are looking for the main website, click on the Website icon above or go to http://www.relationshipjourney.com where you can find articles, information and the blog.

You will need to fill out 2 required forms BEFORE our first meeting. One form is basic information, but the form Something About Me and My Goals, will take some time and thought, so start soon! This is an important document that will already have you thinking about you in your relationship. It will also be a start in helping me get to know you and your situation. We will identify more goals and issues in our first session. (If you know how to dictate with your smartphone or computer, you can dictate your answers in the "Some Things About Me and My Goals form.)

This Workspace will be an important part of our work together. You can find out more about the benefits you will receive in the Secure Client Workspace by going to http://www.relationshipjourney.com/client.html (not active yet, but soon!)

REGISTER now if you are new, or LOGIN of you are currently a client to take your next steps.

To your success!
Dawn Lipthrott, LCSW

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